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Lothian Electric Machines, have been manufacturing electrical motors since 1958 when we were first founded as part of RANCO. RANCO, an American HVAC control manufacturer (now part of Invensys) set up a factory to manufacture hermetic motors for refrigeration applications. The majority of these units were exported to America but with the turbulent political climate of the 1970's production was transferred to America. This resulted in the closure of one of the RANCO motors factory's in Glasgow with the loss of over 1700 jobs. Fortunately RANCO had also secured a licence to manufacture Emerson motors, and this continued at the 160,000 square Haddington Factory.

Re-aligning ourselves we worked our way through the 1970's mainly through the production of Hermetic motors for white goods manufactured in Britain by British companies. During this period the link with RANCO was lost and the company name was changed to Lothian Electric Machines Limited and the trade name of LEMACĀ© motors was created. (Lothian Electric MAChines)

At the start of the 1980's the company diversified into manufacturing DC motors and additionally computer keyboard assembly for IBM, to compliment our existing manufacturer of AC motors. At this time, our current site in Haddington was a major part of the local economy employing as much as 800 people. In 1989 production of the Keyboards came to an end and the company focused fully on electrical motors again.

In 2000 the in-house die casting facility was merged with Alexander Pollock Ltd, an Edinburgh based Die Casting company and we now supply a range of die cast parts direct to companies across the UK.

The last few years have seen significant investment in CNC equipment and skills to further develop our position as a top UK based manufacturer of electric motors.

Lemac Shop Floor based in Haddington, East Lothian.
Lemac Shop Floor based in Haddington, East Lothian.
Lemac Shop Floor based in Haddington, East Lothian.