AC Induction Motors

We can supply motors with standard IEC mountings and performances (up to IEC90 frame size) and tailored performances and mountings to meet the requirements of your application.

  • We offer a Standard Range of motors covering a range of different speeds and performances from 2 to 8 pole and power ratings to 1.5Kw. Standard IEC mountings are available for most motors between IEC56 and IEC90 frame sizes.
  • We can also supply Tailored Motors to meet requirements for different applications. This includes: performance, mounting and shaft dimensions, finish and IP (environmental protection) ratings.
  • If we cannot meet your requirement using our existing ranges, we are able to use our design expertise and electric motor design software to develop a Bespoke motor solution for your application.

Please select to view our Standard Range or Bespoke motors. For more information on the characteristics and theory of AC induction motors please come back soon to see our motor theory section.