Geared Motors

In order to achieve the required speed and torque characteristics for applications, gearboxes are often fitted to LEMAC motors.

We are able to supply motors designed for fitting onto any gearbox specified or can supply complete motor and gearbox assemblies.

In order to offer the widest possible range of characteristics, we supply gearboxes made by a range of other manufactures as well as LEMAC gearboxes.


We manufacture grease filled worm gearboxes with a range of options:

  • Mounting
  • Output shaft
  • Ratio (10:1 / 25:1 / 36:1 / 50:1 / 75:1)
  • Gear material (Delrin / Phosphor Bronze)
The WBM gearbox can be used with any of the LEMAC motor ranges.
  • PM70 & WBM Gearbox
  • PM80 & WBM Gearbox
  • PM92 & WBM Gearbox

An example of a WBM gearbox can be seen opposite »

LEMAC's WBM Gearbox on photo

Other Gearboxes

We supply motors fitted with a range of different styles of gearbox, including:

  • Planetary
  • Oil filled Worm
  • Worm / Helical

An example gearboxs supplied by LEMAC for the stairlift industry can be seen opposite »

LEMAC's Gearbox technology in situe on a Bison Bede stairlift
Bison Bede Stairlifts use LEMAC's Gearbox technology to power their stairlifts

We would be happy to discuss any other gearbox requirements you may have. contact us.

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