40 Range - 100mm Diameter

Suitable for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications such as Industrial pumps , fans and cleaning equipment

  • Custom shaft design
  • IP ratings from IP22 to IP45
  • 2/4 pole versions available
  • Flying leads or terminal box
  • Face or foot
  • PSC or 3 Phase
  • Custom windings for different powers and voltages for specific applications
Performance Data
PolesModelTypeVoltsWatts OutRPMAmpsConstructionRating
240WEB01PSC23055028003.7Totally EnclosedS1
240WEB023PH40055028001.4Totally EnclosedS1
440WEB03PSC23030014003.5Totally EnclosedS1
440WEB043PH40030014001.8Totally EnclosedS1

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